Exhibition design, 2022
Unfair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photography by Niels Albers

After winning the Unfair Architecture Award with Fabulous Future, we developed our concept into the real thing! A radical new kind of exhibition wall. A super light weight, transparent construction that reduces the amount of panels that is usually used for these kind of fairs. Through the use of smaller timber than commonly used in fair construction, and mainly using standard sizes, we could drastically reduce the amount of waste and costs. Artworks were sometimes only separated by the compostable foil to create exiting shadows and silhouettes.

Before entering the maze with artworks, you would enter the Gashouder into a wasteland with fake rocks. After wandering and sometimes getting lost in between the works of art you could relax in the Swamp Lounge. This was also the place to enjoy our specially designed Swamp Cocktail.