3 Mijlpalen

Sculpture, 2014
Woerden, The Netherlands
Public Sculpture, commissioned by the Historical Association of Woerden
Photography by Charlott Markus

The river Rhine used to be the northern border of the Roman Empire. Along this river there were small settlements and watchtowers to guard the border. 3 Mijlpalen is based on these historic roman watchtowers. The work is placed in the nearby area where there used to stand an original Roman watchtower approximately around year 0.

When climbing the stairs one enters onto a platform, from here one can overlook the neighboring nature park/lake. The platform is based on the oldest map known of the city of Woerden. This map is from 1572, when the defense canal around the city was recently finished. The current map of the city of Woerden and its street plan is used as an inspiration for the ‘walls’ of the tower. Each side represents a district of the city that has expanded outside the borders of the original old city center (the platform).