Kinetic Sculpture, OCTA III, 2023
AG, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Photography by Niels Albers

A century ago, over 200,000 kilometers of hedges stood in the Netherlands. Today, less than 30% remain, and the trend of clearing them continues. Kenneth Rijsdijk’s book ‘HEG’ inspired me to create a work, highlighting the importance of preserving hedges in our landscape.

Hedges are essential for biodiversity by providing a home, food, and connection to countless plants and animals, while also protecting us against mouse plagues, floods, and erosion. They enhance the beauty of our surroundings and play a role in reducing the spread of ammonia, pesticides, and zoonotic diseases like Q-fever!

Let’s appreciate the value of hedges in our environment and take steps to preserve them. This endless rotating artwork serves as a reminder of the vital role that hedges play in our natural world, and I hope it inspires you to cherish and protect them.

This work would not have been possible without the help of Bart Schalekamp.