Installation, 2018
Graduation show Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Photography by Charlott Markus

A sculpture, born in-between the quest for well designed functional objects and the conflicting tremble of nauseating awareness. A clinical bathroom vibe and tendencies of over-hygienic rooms. Recognisable objects, which have familiarities with bodies from our interiors. Where are we?

Domestication is the process of making a wild animal accustomed to living with or working for humans. Unnecessary suffering, a process invisible to most consumers. Generally, we do not think about the consequences of our everyday consumer decisions: decisions that are neither consistent nor rational. Inspired by the highly efficient stainless steel attributes of the slaughter lines, we are presented with captivating objects and seemingly very practical devices. Like a reminiscence of something gone out of order and out of place. Out of time.